Against The Green Wall (Weather Girl Suicide)

Against The Green Wall, Weather Girl Suicide, acrylic

Tired of the lies, the pretending, the deception – a TV weatherperson does the only honorable thing and commits suicide against the green screen….

Against The Green Wall, Weathergirl Suicide - expressionist painting by Pagani.
Against The Green Wall
(Weathergirl Suicide)
acrylic on canvas
10″ x 14″

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The Green Wall is used for chroma-keying in the weather maps. On television, you see all these maps and animations (which are quicktime files, btw) but in the studio all you see is a big green wall. Computers do the rest. The weather person must look off to the side at a TV monitor to see what she’s pointing at.

This ‘meteorologist’ has had a problem with being perky lately. She knows her predictions are crap and it comes from computer models that are about as accurate as rolling the dice. Yet day after day she pretends to know something …until she can’t take it anymore.

signed, Chriss Pagani

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