Abstract Art In The Movies. Mine, that is

Life takes interesting turns and one of the more interesting ones would have to be the fact that my work is going to be featured in an upcoming movie. Collectors of my work will be as thrilled as I am, no doubt.

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Sometimes horror can best be conveyed with abstraction, especially my unique object-oriented abstract painting style, and I have been very clear about that. Now we will see what my work can do on the big screen.

The film in question is an independent film named ‘The Path.’ Production is just beginning so we won’t be seeing a release before the summer of 2005. The plot is based on a true story but an anchor for the plot will be my work.

Some of the paintings will be in the vein of classical abstract expressionism rather than my new, cutting edge object-oriented abstractions, but I think you will find them as disturbing as is required for the subject matter of the movie.

A million people paint pretty pictures and I have done my share of those: My body of impressionist work speaks for itself, but I want more – I want to get into your brain, I want to massage the neurons and synapses. I want to create an altered state of consciousness, I want to make you dizzy, and sometimes I want to make you sick. I’ve always said my object-oriented approach can do all of that and more – now a movie will prove it to the world. Over time (the movie production is still a ways off as I write this) you will find more information at at the move’s web site, The Path.

— Chriss Pagani

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