What Do You See, Abstracts and Meaning

What Do You See, an Abstract Expressionist experiment in pointillism. Click for a larger version
What Do You See?
Abstract Pointillism

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Human beings are meaning-seeking machines. It is in our nature and is the foundation of culture and faith. Built into the human brain, heavy duty processing power is dedicated to seek and assign meaning. We must label all that we see; creating meaning even where none exists.

So what do you see? The nature of abstract art is that we play with this part of the human mind. The more we succeed in messing with your neurons, the better our art will be.

Often in life, there is no meaning, an untenable situation because of our nature. So we find ourselves under stress, seeking to assign meaning to that which has none. The stress builds until we choose a meaning – any meaning – and at last we may rest.

We like simple answers: It is easier to say ‘God did it’ than seek meaning based in fact or supported by evidence we can test. And so God becomes the catchall meaning that clears up all ambiguity. We don’t have to think anymore, just say it’s God and move on.

Indeed, one may well say that the summary purpose of thinking is to abolish thought. Consider this: Once we assign meaning, we can move on, no longer giving further brain power and time to the subject at hand. It has been dealt with. Further analysis is eschewed.

Here we present an experiment in abstract pointillism, yet another style invented by the artist Pagani. Primary colors are layered in daubs much like pixels… the layers create shapes and play with the mind.

As neurons flare-up looking for meaning, any meaning, you might see many things. When you do, consider well what I have said.

That is the beauty of abstract art.

signed, Chriss Pagani

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