Life Journal For The New Year


Overheard by fan and reported to me: “Is that Chriss Pagani over there? I love her paintings!”
Reply: “No, that’s her sister. The artist doesn’t like to associate with human beings.”

Has it really come to that? Am I seen as some Queen of the Undead who never appears in public and is only heard from through art and writings? Perhaps I am indeed a bit reclusive but there isn’t anything all that mysterious about me. Or is there?

Well, the Queen of The Doomed has something to say… In the new year, I will try to be more open about everything that is going on in my life. I’m going to talk about all the meaningless BS that composes my daily existence. Are you happy now?

Let’s go see…

I was feeling pretty sick yesterday. I’m plagued with crippling migraine headaches: I throw up – repeatedly unto dry heaves – I can’t see straight and the pain is close to unbearable. But I’ve lived with them since I was 11 years old so it is just one of those things I’ve come to expect. The pain is almost like an old friend…

Yesterday was one of those days. So I did’t accomplish much.

Although I was feeling sick, I still took a very short bike ride in the afternoon. I’ve added a GT Saddleback mountain bike to my collection. It was purchased used and still needs work, but I wanted to give it a try. If I don’t get out once in a while like this I get mental, so I sort of had to do it.

The bike is great but it reminded me that MBs are more tiresome on the road than the road or hybrid bikes. I was tired before I reached the bridge. Oh well. I was also sick so I’m sure that affected the experience.

I discovered day before yesterday that my hybrid bike, the Norco Arctic, seems to be pulling very slightly to the left. Bummer. I think this means that the frame is sprung or something, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It isn’t a strong pull, it’s just that if you take your hands off the bars it immediately goes left. Not sure what to do yet, but it really bothers me because the Norco was my most versatile and expensive bike.

I haven’t been doing a lot of painting, but I have done some sketching… nothing worthy of online exposure as far as I’m concerned but I might start sharing that stuff too.

Alas, I’m still sick today… gotta go puke any second now. But barring sudden death (always a possibility, hanging there as a sword over our heads) I will be better tomorrow or the next day …and life will go on.

signed, Chriss Pagani

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