Confessions of A Hyperactive Mind

Storm Sunset at Misty by Pagani
Storm Sunset At Misty by Pagani
Since my fourth birthday, when I found myself sitting on a curb contemplating the nature of time, I’ve realized that my brain is wired a little differently than the rest of the world. Some would just conclude that I must be crazy, but that would be an over simplistic analysis. By that standard, Einstein and da Vinci were crazy, too.

As a person born with a hyperactive analytical mind, I spend more time thinking about deep things than the average person. I probably do as much in depth analysis in a day as the average person does in a lifetime. There is no bragging here; only a realistic statement of the facts.

You might conclude that this is basically worthless. After all, I’m not rich or famous, am I? No, I’m an outcast. For every person who believes I am a genius, another thinks I’m deranged. And if money is the standard of human worth, perhaps I have nothing to show for my brilliance.

Well that much is at least partially true. However, whether my labors will be worth something is a tale that can only be told with the passage of time. I write things, and someday what I write might mean something. I don’t only write, however, I also invent.

One of the things I invented many years ago was a referential form of comedy I called abstract expressionist humor. I gave it that name because it involved short statements that were very funny – IF you knew something. Ignorant people would simply be perplexed.

An example of abstract expressionist humor: “This just in: Thousands of atheists riot in the streets after discovering a blank sheet of paper on a cartoonist’s desk.” If you don’t know much about current events, you won’t get the reference. If you do, you’ll laugh.

Nobody understood abstract expressionist comedy when I invented it, but that was a long long time ago and today abstract expressionist humor (although seldom called by the name I gave it) is the number one most popular style of humor with generation Y folk. Some contemporary popular examples: “Tom is NOT My Friend”, “More Cowbell” and “Pedro Lacks Political Experience”. If you know stuff, they are funny; if you don’t they’re just words: Much like abstract expressionist painting.

I also invented object-oriented/ perceptual puzzle abstraction as a method for developing an abstract expressionist painting using logical methodology in order to produce a piece of abstract art that bears an actual physical relationship to subject matter as well as a specific intent. It is true, most people don’t “get it”, but I believe that someday this will be seen as a revolution in abstract art. Again, only time will tell of course.

I continue to look for new and creative things to do; I labor to expand the grand unification of practical metaphysics and traditional religion, and I philosophize on the meaning of life.

To many, these things will be seen as useless. But I believe that something better than that will come of my work – even if it is not in my lifetime. And I’m certainly in good company.

signed, Chriss Pagani, Outsider abstract impressionist painter


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