The Coming Human Sacrifice Cult

The Killers, watercolor

The Killers, watercolor

A fault line is just offshore from where I live; it is the boundary between the Pacific and the North American tectonic plates. You know, those things that can’t exist because the earth is only 6,000 years old. Nevertheless, sooner or later the Big One is going to hit, and since I live about 10 feet above sea level and miles away from anything higher, I probably won’t be around afterward to talk about it. But others will be, and that’s what I want to stop before it starts.

You may remember how the fundamentalist servants of Satan informed you that the Indonesia tsunami was caused by God’s hatred of homosexuals. Then hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans because of God’s hatred of abortion. Clearly, the Fundaservants of Satan tell us, God demands innocent victims to appease Him.

Let’s be clear, The Pat Robertson-John Hagee-Jerry-Fallwell-James Dobson cabal preach and believe in human sacrifice. Their religion uses Christian words to lure-in the gullible, but they preach human sacrifice: There are homosexuals in the world and because we haven’t risen up collectively to slay them, God will kill 250,000 innocent people in Indonesia. Then, because women are still allowed to get abortions, God kills people in New Orleans. The message of radical religionists is clear: God demands innocent victims. …

I can’t stop them from TRYING to use my future death as evil propaganda, but I’m going to mitigate it by talking about it in advance.

Now, I know the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson cabal will deny advocating human sacrifice. It’s one of those things you can’t openly admit to, but it is the basic truth of the evil religion they preach.

Let’s look at their arguments: Jerry Falwell said that 9/11 happened because we “tolerate” homosexuals, feminists, and civil libertarians. Okay, fine, what is it that you think God is demanding, that we KILL these people? Apparently. But if we don’t, then God seems satisfied with the killing of people who are not any of these things.

Same with Indonesia, and Katrina… John Hagee gave a whole sermon about how thousands died in hurricane Katrina because God was pissed-off about our “tolerance” of homosexuals!

Yep, God is mad about homosexuals, abortion, etceteras. And God’s solution, according the evil servants of Satan, is to kill the innocent. Lots of them.

Sooner or later, the teachings of the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson cabal will lead to voluntary (intentional) human sacrifice, and when this happens the final tenuous link between their teaching and Christianity will be severed.

Here is what is going to happen: The Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson cabal will continue to preach and teach that natural disasters are caused by God’s anger. People will get the message that the way to prevent natural disasters is to kill people. That way, God is satisfied and so He decides to leave us alone for a while. This is the way ALL human sacrifice cults work.

Sooner or later, a big hurricane or some other threat will be approaching the US. Somewhere, quietly, a group of followers of the radical religonist servants of Satan will congregate and decide to try to save us by selecting some symbolic victims. The first ones will be selected from among the “undesirables” of the world: homosexuals, the retarded, the liberals, the feminists. It will all be quiet and behind closed doors, but they will pray to God in Jesus’ name, that His anger will be satisfied by this sacrifice, and that He will turn the storm.

Storm predictions being what they are (inaccurate) it may seem to actually work. The storm doesn’t hit where they thought it would, or it wasn’t as strong. Then word will begin to spread that God spared us because we provided an appropriate sacrifice. From there, the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson human sacrifice cult will spread like wildfire.

Of course, the next time maybe the storm hits anyway. If anyone with some rational ability is left, they might notice that the whole human sacrifice thing really doesn’t work. But true believers in the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson doctrine are more likely to conclude the sacrifice wasn’t good enough to satisfy God. They will need to kill more people next time. Maybe the victims weren’t innocent enough. Maybe – they will ponder – they need to kill some virgins, or some babies. God must be appeased.

This is how these things have gotten started for a hundred thousand years.

  1. People notice innocents die in disasters.
  2. People conclude that God must be angry and can only be appeased by the death of innocent people.
  3. Somebody tries a sacrifice to try to ward off some perceived threat.
  4. The sacrifice seems to work.
  5. Human sacrifice becomes ingrained. After all, everybody saw that it “worked”.
  6. Sooner or later, the perceived threat happens anyway, and people respond by ramping up the sacrifices: More victims, more “pure” victims, virgins, children.
  7. Eventually the human sacrifice cult will be killing thousands of children on an annual basis. Every time a perceived threat or disaster appears to be warded off, the cultists’ beliefs are reinforced and further entrenched. When it doesn’t work, the cultists respond with more sacrifice. This can go on for hundreds of years and ends only when something ELSE causes the society to collapse.

If you’ve ever wondered how people can do such evil as killing their own children to appease some imagined God, now you know. This is how it works, how it has always worked, and how it will work AGAIN – right here in the USA, thanks to the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson cabal.

So I’m telling you right now… when thousands of us die as a result of a massive offshore earthquake and subsequent tsunami, it will be the scientifically predicted result of plate tectonic action – action that is inevitable and has occurred regularly for thousands and thousands of years. I will NOT be a sacrifice to an angry God.

Do not believe the Robertson-Hagee-Falwell-Dobson liars, the servants of Satan who pollute and corrupt the loving message of Christ into a cult of human sacrifice. They lie. Their filth is poised to take over and replace real Christianity, and it will if reasonable and rational people don’t act to prevent it.

God does not go around killing innocent people, or allowing them to be killed because he is pissed-off about some thing or another that the Robertson-Hagee-Dobson cabal tell you about. That’s nature in action. Period. It is the way the world works.

The Robertson-Hagee-Dobson cabal do not speak for God, but enough people think they do that I will predict an established human sacrifice cult in the USA by 2025, unless a concerted effort is made to stop it (which seems unlikely at this point).

Again, in closing, I repudiate their position. I reject the evil message of the human sacrifice cultists and I refuse to be used as an example for their evil purposes. Spread this message!

Knowledge is the only way we can stop them, and spreading of knowledge depends on you.

Don’t let them use me. Don’t let me down.

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