The Artist They Wrote A Song About Me

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No kidding… these guys really got to me. I received the CD in the mail yesterday and now I’m sharing – with their permission.

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It all started back when they sent me a CD in the mail, a compilation album. Unsolicited. And I was all like, “what the…?” but then I listened and it kind of grew on me. Not sure why. So I wrote a review of the album, not expecting anything back. And now this!

Interesting timing because I have been seriously considering giving up art. Over the previous 48 hours or so, some negative comments about my work got me to thinking and wondering if it is all worth it or not.

Okay, sure, I paint a bit compulsively at times, but this stuff is way too expensive for just a hobby. Sales have been up and down (you know, “despite the great economy”) so I was starting to think that maybe I’m just full of crap and really suck as an artist but am too stupid to know it…

And then Moe’s Haven kind of saved the day. A big hug to them. You can visit their web site at

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