California Gull and Snowy Plover Realism

Snowy Plover watercolor, limited palatte

Acrylic on paper, 11″ x 15″ – using only three near-primary colors to create this painting, I had a lot of fun. Red Ribbon winner.
Oregon Seagull Painting

For more photo-style realism, here is a snowy plover:

Snowy Plover watercolor, limited palatte

I can get a lot of color out of some keyed-down semi-primaries, eh? I kept the background highly impressionistic just to make SURE the viewer understands that they are looking at a painting not a photograph. Several people were sure that these were photographs anyway, much to my disappointment. This is why I made a decision a few years ago to avoid publishing any of my paintings that may have strayed too far into photo-realism or hyper-realism.

I don’t want to feed the art trolls. And look at what you get when you glorify hyper-realism: You get ink jet reproductions of photographs passed off as paintings.

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