Frosty, The Feral Kitten Who Almost Wasn’t Here

kitten rescue

I have a life other than in the studio: One of the things I do is rescuing feral kittens. I can’t help it. I try to save feral cats too. I feel sorry for them.

This one was in such bad shape that it almost got buried.

Feeding one morning I saw this lifeless little tabby kitten. It couldn’t have been more than 7 weeks old or so. Feral kittens have such a short life expectancy but I never get used to seeing the dead ones.

I picked up the little body and placed it on a paving stone; set aside while I finished feeding so that I could bury it later on.

When finished feeding, I returned and picked up the little corpse, intending to give the poor thing a decent burial. As I picked it up, I thought I saw a little movement of the mouth. Not much…probably my imagination. But then again…

Just to be safe, I took the little thing into my studio, dried it off and wrapped it in warm towels. A few hours later, it began to stir….

Little tabby feral kitten rescued, Frosty

The nearly-buried kitten got the name Frosty. Frosty the feral kitten almost wasn’t here. It was only luck and a little compassion.

I hope Frosty can have a home of his own! Feral cats have short, miserable lives for the most part unless they have humans caring for them. There is no point in leaving them in that state.

Some of my other rescues are documented here and here.


Frosty has a new home! I hope you have a happy life, Frosty. We’re just glad you are still with us.

Frosty the rescued feral kitten


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