Power of Faith, The Greater Power of Falsehood

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Awaken, sleepers … I’m talking about those who have always considered themselves to be people of faith but who never think of themselves as worthy to speak out in defense of that faith. That’s FAITH, not legalism!

Of course, that’s exactly the way one should be. Christianity has never had a problem with people who just try to live their own lives according to the principles Jesus taught. The bane of Christianity has been the hyper-arrogant who declare themselves to be the spokesmen of God. Those types have plagued religion from the beginning of time, and mostly we’ve been able to just put up with them. Lately, though, it seems as though catastrophe is looming. Our faith is under fire. But the terrible menace to true faith is an insidious cancer that is eating up the church from the inside.

The biggest threat to the Christian faith in America is NOT evolution. The biggest threat to Christianity, the one that has the genuine power to destroy it, is the threat from within; it is the multi-headed monster of theocratic fundamentalism.

I’ve spoken of this before and if you are a regular reader to this site you have seen that others have spoken out as well. The Black Death of Phariseeism is strangling the life out of the church, turning it into a mirror image of Islam’s wahabi-ism – an American Taliban.

I’m one of those who didn’t want to speak out. I thought that religious leaders of good conscience would tell the world of the many Biblical warnings about the false prophets of legalism. But the leaders have remained silent.

The American Taliban’s power of falsehood brings wealth and political influence, and the ability to intimidate and coerce real people of faith. Gaining such power requires deception, it is true, and this is the sign that these people are not the spokesmen of God they claim to be.

Children, listen to me, you cannot let these agents of the Devil disguised as ministers destroy that which has taken 2000 years to build. I know you want to just mind your own business, that’s what marks you as a true person of faith – but allowing these sinister ministers to be the voice of Christianity is killing us all and driving millions away.

It doesn’t matter how big their churches are; some of the biggest churches harbor the biggest false prophets. All having a big church proves is that the pastor is a master manipulator and organizer, but you have to ask yourself why they would work so hard to build for themselves great temples and high-paying jobs if they are humble servants of God. The answer seems clear. Mega-church often means mega-liar and mega-pharisee. Not all, but MANY. Beware.

Don’t let the bad guys win. This is one time that it is up to us. The power of faith works from within; it is not a property of some organization.

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