Art, Meaning and The Meaningless

Abstract painting work continues and a new painting is added in the abstract gallery. My thoughts are racing between spirituality and objectivism.

The latest paintings have been in a very free-form and stream of consciousness style. Perhaps because I find everything that exists to be more pointless with each day that passes, I’ve chosen to let my understanding of the chaos and meaninglessness of the universe flow into my art work.

It’s difficult because I’m a naturally ‘spiritual’ person – a characteristic no doubt found in brain wiring and not of one’s conscious choosing. In fact, the knowledge that spiritual or religious orientation can be identified in a specific area of the brain kind of shoots down the self-satisfied sense of moral superiority of the religious folk among us, doesn’t it?

I don’t believe in objectivism, either, and I think Ayn Rand was full of crap. Being self-centered is no better than believing in some other false deity, as none of us exist apart from or above society as a whole: We eat food we didn’t harvest or kill, we live in houses we didn’t build and earn and spend money that gains us things ONLY because it happens to be valued by others. The supremacy of self, therefore, is no different in kind from the supremacy of imaginary beings.

So, stuck between two competing and opposing unrealities, I find myself increasingly moving towards giving-up on the conveyance of import and instead painting with a desire to reflect the underlying reality that no one seems able to face.


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