Meaning and Meaningless-ness II

More paintings will be posted shortly. I’ve been thinking too much – again – and find it more difficult as a result to find meaning in my art or even care.

Everyone with an IQ above a houseplant wonders about the meaning of life at least occasionally. I’ve made a career out of it.

But having studied religion, gone to Bible college and become an “expert” in the subject, I can tell you that there are no answers that will satisfy… at least, not real answers. Lovely and wonderful fantasy answers abound.

Religion is the human way to explain instincts and give comforting answers to uncomfortable questions. That’s a very good thing as we could all use some comfort. However, it is important to remember that religion’s stories are STORIES, like Harry Potter or King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. They all come from the same place in that humans have a desire to feel like there is something more to life than the struggle for existence and to reproduce. The idea that the Bible is literally true and that, in effect, God wrote it – is a rather odd concept that only got invented in the last couple of hundred years. Before that, most people – at least most educated people – understood that the Bible was a collection of stories people wrote about their own searches for God and meaning. Most tales in the Bible were considered allegorical. Lately, though, if you are a Christian you are probably expected to believe that all that stuff really happened even though it isn’t actually important to the message itself. I guess literalism has become a shortcut to the appearance of spirituality for the terminally lazy.


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