Predictions 2008

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Because you expect it…because you asked; here are my predictions for 2008 and beyond:

Energy prices are a concern and will have additional unanticipated impact on the economy. Prices will continue a roller coaster ride but will not go as high as some predict despite additional conflict that we are going to start in the middle east.

Unemployment will rise, as will inflation. This will stir fears of recession among some, and the administration may actually admit to problems…but only to push their pet solution. The proposed solution will be the same as always; tax cuts. It won’t work and the wrong people will get blamed. As usual. …And since working-class families have been living with a declining economy for almost a decade, things won’t seem all that different for them.

More economic news: Some things we’ve gotten used to buying cheap will suddenly and unexpectedly become quite expensive, catching many off guard. This is not really related to energy prices. Many will have to adjust their lifestyles toward fewer consumer goods. The chickens are coming home to roost and each change causes another spiral.

There will be a surprise announcement regarding Iraq in the summer or fall of 2008. This will change the minds of many.

Unreasoned fear will continue to dominate American politics, despite a “new hope.” Manipulation of public perception has completely replaced all core values among the power elites, and we’re all going to pay for this lack of true vision.

A new high-tech “non-lethal” weapon will be use for the first time in 2008 – perhaps on American citizens. This will cause a few will finally to believe that their government is out of control, but the majority will continue their narcissism-induced coma.

More natural disasters will cause the usual band of shameless manipulators to claim that it is the end of the world and “God’s Judgment.” As in the past, they will continue to be wrong.

A major corporation will file for bankruptcy, causing brief stock market panic. This will be dramatic but short term. However, volatility will increase in general, and there will be some declines.

There will be increased terrorism activity or many alerts of alleged terrorist activities in the latter months of 2008.

Another tainted food episode will cause a few people to wonder if the whole “small government/industry should regulate itself” mantra was such a good idea after all, but nothing will actually be done about it.

A young media personality will die unexpectedly. This will receive more attention than America’s declining status in the world.


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