Predictions 2007

Looking ahead, me

Let’s take a look at what we can expect in the future….

This is the beginning of a transitional period; increased instability and uncertainty as the birth pangs of a new way of life. Much of this will be perceptual rather than actual.

Investigations! Hearings! Lots of political crap for the coming year, but absolutely NOTHING will come of any of it. This is not a judgment about the truth or fallacy of any accusation of impropriety but more a statement about the vulgar and calculated tactics – and the cowardice – of those who hold elected office.

Politics will be at center stage all year; first for the hearings, later for politics. And in the area of politics, we will expect some major surprises for those seeking the presidency and for those who already hold office.

The war/occupation in Iraq will continue to drag on with even more soldiers sent and increasing frustration among the American public. Toward the end of the year, things may seem to improve a little. Threats to end it all will amount to nothing.

Wars and rumors of wars… the drumbeat for new invasions, attacks will increase. New straw men, new scare stories. It’s all in the cards.

Expect another panic cry of epidemic this year. Bird Flu may be the culprit but nothing will come of it.

Increasing signs of instability in the American economy – including a declining dollar – will not stop the stock market from having a record year.

Industrial accidents will have a banner year, causing some people to notice that the government no longer does much of anything to protect workers. There will be deaths, there will be talks of reform. Nothing will be done.

US prison populations will reach crushing levels. Already America imprisons more people than any other country but this year the crisis will cripple state budgets.

Wildfires and forest fires due to drought will be the chief disasters of the year. Some will jump on this to call attention to global climate change while others will dismiss it as just coincidence.

Corruption in government will be highlighted, and some may go to prison. The big boys will stay safe for the most part. However, expect some sudden departures from office both in the USA and abroad, like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Steroid and other drug use in professional sports will become a topic for the handwringing folk. This is more about perception than reality. Nevertheless, the public will demand a human sacrifice so some athletes may go to jail.

Expect some terrorist scares – but actual attacks are unlikely, or at least, nothing big. They will be more useful another time…

Tainted food, contaminated medicine… Americans will learn that they can’t trust anything anymore. But shutting their eyes will be so much easier.

Finally, I’m concerned about an assassination attempt in the latter part of the year. I don’t think anything will come of it, but this is another sign of worldwide political upheaval.


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