The Future for 2006

My thoughts for the coming year…

It shouldn’t be that big of a year in politics but I think it will be anyway. For one thing, there will be some new political scandals and embarrassments. For another, there is a chance that there will be some changes due to congressional elections. Despite the prediction of others, however, nothing big is going to happen.

Global warming will be the topic du jour this year; with the same groups defending and denying. But denial will be losing this round.

It should be good year for a stock market comeback. Be aware, however, that America has been partying on borrowed money and the consequences of that will begin to appear this year. It might be a good time to buy gold.

Look for the usual collection of natural and man-made disasters for an otherwise quiet year. Some may even inspire the usual collection of hucksters to pronounce that it’s the end of the world… again.

Changes in the Supreme Court may abound this year. Many will hail the turn but regret it later. Opposition will talk a lot but ultimately do nothing.

Epidemic scares based on food supply contamination may be big news.

It’s about time for another school shooting, prompting the usual hand-wringing. Nothing will change.

A religion scandal is on the horizon. Maybe several of them. You can’t hide the hypocrisy and money-grubbing selfishness of the evangelical leaders forever, you know. Their evil will catch up with a few of them this year, but the worst of them will still be wandering around sucking the blood of their gullible followers.

In fact, I think this will be a year when religious hypocrisy will be exposed in many. Remember: The more a person talks about how religious they are, the more awful stuff they are hiding. It’s always true. I guarantee it.

The Catholic church will try to reassert its iron hand rule. Back to the 12th century!

Look for more failures at NASA.

The year may close on a note of false hope.

And of course, a million other things I haven’t foreseen – will happen. That’s just the way it is.


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