Pagani Outlook for 2005

Due to requests, but with some degree of reluctance, here are my thoughts for the coming year. Don’t count on this becoming an annual event. I intend to keep most things to myself in the future.

The war in Iraq will not go well. People will get tired of the endless reports of casualties and no progress. Deaths will be part of endless bad news. Despite increased dissatisfaction, however, nothing will be done. Nothing will change.

Political battles in America will amount to nothing. I expect to hear a lot about immigration, tax cuts, minimum wage, health care, social security, and – of course – war. But nothing is really going to happen. Just lots and lots of talk and posturing.

Changes in the Supreme Court will signal a shift away from freedom and toward fascism. Most won’t see this coming because it will be a gradual process.

Terrorist attacks will make the news. We keep being threatened, so prepare for the real deal. This is more likely abroad rather than inside the USA, however. Fear will be ratcheted up to maximum levels as those with a stake in keeping people scared will use every event to consolidate power.

Natural disasters may dominate the news. Shameless criminals will use this to declare “THE JUDGMENT OF GOD” on America and/or the world, continuing their shameless self-promotion from last year. They are just making stuff up, of course, in an attempt to promote themselves. TIP: Anyone who claims to speak for God is a liar. Don’t believe them and don’t associate with them.

Speaking of religion, leadership will change hands in several areas of religious power. There will be new faces of evangelicals and perhaps even a new Pope. Oddly, new faces in evangelical leadership may signal a softening of the draconian hyper-politics of the past, whereas if you see a new Pope you can expect an attempted return to The Dark Ages… at least for Catholics.

All of this is part of the continued ascendancy of superstition and the decline of science. I don’t expect to see any reversals in this process for a while.

The face of evil will be revealed. Few will notice.

Now go live your lives… but live them awake.


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