Abstract Painting Black And White Fields

After a labor that lasted much too long, I have brought forth my latest child:

Abstract Black & White #3
w/One Warp Field
36″ x 50″ (approx. design size)
Appearing for the first time in a more cutting edge aspect ratio, this abstract expressionist acrylic painting was rendered on loose canvas with a design size of 36×50, a widescreen design. The actual canvas size is about 48×60 so depending on whether one chooses stretcher bars or mounting on plywood, you can get quite a bit of size variation out of this design.

The painting is mostly black & white with perhaps hints of dark sepia. There are approximately ten layers painted over two weeks to give added depth and lots of interesting things to look at. This particular work utilizes a single warp field, meaning that the canvas had a single distortion applied to its shape during the painting process. It is somewhat difficult to get an accurate photo of a painting this size, but you can get an idea of finer points in the detail image below…

Detail (approx 15%)
At this point I have several options for mounting the canvas. I was originally set on using a plywood backing but I may change my mind.

Offers are welcome. SOLD!

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