Abstract Black And White #4

Following up on my experiments in black and white abstract expressionist pieces, this work is Abstract B&W #4:

Abstract Expressionist B&W 4 PAINTING
Abstract B & W #4
24″ x 36″

This painting is meant to convey the mental image of a rock wall and as such, it has an enormous variation of depth, making it appear very different as the lighting changes. I found this difficult to reproduce in photos, but you will get the general idea by viewing the additional images below.

Other views….

Black And White #4 - another view
Abstract B&W #4, second view
Although incomplete, this gives you some additional ideas of how lighting might change this painting.

This work is very heavy because of the high relief, but I believe it can still be properly hung.

Abstract Expressionist B&W 4 PAINTING 3rd view
As this is an experimental work and I am unsure of its overall viability, I am entertaining all offers.

signed, Chriss Pagani

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