Predictions 2009

Concerned me

You’ve been wondering, how could I possibly miss out on the wonderful opportunity to make my predictions for the coming year?

Maybe I am having trouble facing the world today. Or I’m just burnt out on the whole looking into the future thing. Some of both…

In a dream last night, I saw a sick rabbit lying by the road. the dirt on its face told me that it had a severe respiratory infection. It coughed. It died. Then a bear came along and ate the carcass of the rabbit. Later in its den, the bear was coughing and in pain.

So it is with the world; we evolve from one sorry state to another. We are the rabbit. We become the bear.

The economy is uppermost in the minds of many. I can tell you that fascism (the control of government by corporations) will prevent any meaningful reform. And since the same powers control media, most people will never know the names of their true tormentors.

Sickness is the theme of the coming time. And suffering. If you are unaffected, consider yourself lucky. For there is no god who just happened to like you better than he liked me. Your salvation comes from nothing more than a random spin of the wheel.

The signs in the sun tell us that we are within a generation or two of an Ice Age, when starvation and war will be the themes. ….from rabbit to bear….

I may not be around to make more predictions, and you will sleep in your ignorance – the only true bliss that is offered.

My suggestion, then, is that you live your lives and try to do no harm to others. There is enough misery in the world without you causing more. And keep your life simple; you will be happier – and safer.


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