Art Review

Paintings from the edge: The latest selection of abstract paintings in the new “object-oriented” abstract expressionist style developed by the artist, as well as abstract impressionism, classical impressionism, expressionist and neoexpressionist works. This site also contains an extensive collection of watercolor sketches of Oregon scenery by artist Chriss Pagani. But there is more here than beautiful wall candy … No ordinary outsider artist, Pagani has developed a concept of abstract art as a mind-expanding drug. In this style, paint ? watercolors, oils and acrylics ? blend the use of real objects with abstract shapes and colors to produce a neurotransmitter high. This is an entirely new way of looking at abstract art.
Your only defense is to understand the process and tirelessly work against it.

This reversal of logic is the norm rather than the exception in human thinking. That’s why so many are fanatically devoted to all kinds of religions each of which claims to be the one and only truth. In this case, “truth” means “the idea I started out liking and and will now find excuses to defend.”

If you’ve ever wondered why people who seem intelligent can look at the same set of facts and reach opposite conclusions, now you know.Presented here is a small sample of work in several styles from one unique artist … this site offers a potent mix of art brut blended with neuroscience, impressionism, expressionism, fauvism, neuro-linguistic programming and a healthy dose of heavy-duty philosophy about life, God, and meaning … It isn?t just art, it?s lifestyle … It isn?t just paint on canvas, it is Timothy Leary meets genius artists Picasso, Jackson Pollock & Willem De Koonig. –Christa Haight review of Abstract Paintings.


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