McFeral Cat Knows Me

I named her McFeral Cat

If one needs to depend on the kindness of strangers, they may be out of luck. Particularly if you are a feral cat. This one sometimes visits the McDonalds in Tillamook. Since I am there once a week or so, too, it’s gotten to know me. I feed him or her.

McFeral Cat, The McDonalds Feral Cat I help keep alive
McFeral Cat
There is too much cruelty in the world, and too little kindness. The little one-eyed kitty probably can’t hunt and most people chase it away. I can’t do that.

One-eyed hungry ferel cat, begging for help
I know there is no good outcome here. I want to think everything will be okay, but a lifetime of hardship has taught me otherwise. There is little I can do, for sure. But I will NOT make things worse if I can avoid it.


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