McFeral Cat Has a Kitten!

McFeral Cat and kitten

Art is life, life is art. I suspected that McFeral had a baby somehwere. Sometimes McFeral would take the piece of hamburger and disappear for a long time… maybe 15 to 20 minutes. I thought, she has kittens hidden somewhere far from here. Today, for the first time, she showed up with her half-grown baby in tow. She finally trusted me enough…

McFeral Cat and Her Baby
McFeral Has A Baby
It must be hard to be a mom, friendless and homeless. McFeral cat does her best and we appreciate her for that. Sure, there are too many cats in the world. You know what? There are too many people in the world, too. Way too many. But we don’t hate people for existing and we shouldn’t hate the feral kitties either.

One'Eyed McDonald's Feral Cat She’s had a very hard life, or so I surmise from her missing eye. Well, and the fact that you really can’t get anywhere near her. But she’s learned that the Artmobile means food. Although my contribution is paltry and insufficiently regular, I am glad I could do something for the poor girl. And I feel even better about that knowing that she has a surviving child.


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