A Look Back At The County Fair – Caricature Artist

County fair caricatures

A last minute decision to enter two paintings in the fair – thanks to pressure from family members – meant I would have to see something of the event, even though it’s a bit much for me.

I haven’t worked at the county fair in years, but they usually have a caricature or portrait artist somewhere on the grounds. Here he is…

Caricature Artist Booth
Caricature Artist Booth At The Fair
He was charging the going rate for a caricature, a bit more for color images. I didn’t see him do a color portrait, but he did a lot of line drawings. His shading was pretty good, I can’t comment on the caricature because it wasn’t my style.

The caricature artist's booth, complete with sample works and prices.I’m glad he’s using his talent in any case. He used to be a security guard, I think, but he found something that suited him better. There isn’t a lot of money in it, I can tell you, but I’m sure he’s happy.

Artist's paintings at the fair
Oh, I know I already mentioned this but the two paintings I entered under duress both won ribbons, although not the grand championship. I had a better painting or two but they were unframed and the fair requires frames – even for gallery wrapped canvas apparently. That was a bummer, but then again I didn’t really want to enter anyway.

I can say I’m an award-winning artist, now, but then again this isn’t the first time I’ve won some meaningless award. I say ‘meaningless’ because it never seems to amount to anything. My paintings were selling much better a couple of years ago before I became an ‘award winner.’

That relates to why I draw people, I suppose. There are no awards to be had, but there is a little money if you are good. Very little, but still, that’s done more for me than all the medals and ribbons.

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