Art Kitten Rescue – Not By Popular Demand, Updated

Rescue kitten

Rescue kitten

Why me? Well, I know why. I’m tenderhearted and can’t say no. I will tell you the story of the feral kittens, and I will have something to say about life and art at the end…

First there was Mojo. He was a feral kitten who practically tamed himself at 7 weeks old. But then at 8 weeks he suddenly disappeared. I think an owl got him. It made me sad. I also feel guilty, but I really wasn’t in a position to keep him indoors 24/7.

Rescued half-dead feral kitten, now a sweetheart

Then there was Mojo’s sister, who looked exactly like Mojo except, as we later found out, she was a girl. She was also wild as could be. But then one day she didn’t run away anymore. In fact, she just laid there and mewed pathetically. She was critically ill.

We took her to the vet, and the vet said, “We can’t do anything for her. I can’t even draw blood for tests because she’ll go into cardiac arrest.” The vet wanted to euthanize her (a Rovian word if I ever heard one, it means murder, but nicely) but I said no, I wanted to try to save her. I felt I owed it to Mojo.

So the vet gave me antibiotics, flea treatment, B vitamin liquid and we went home. She was so cold she needed a heat pad AND a hot water bottle. She could be fed only via a syringe with some food mixed with warm water. And every time she ate, she’s collapse into unconsciousness.

We call her 'Mojo 2' after her brother, who died. She almost died but somehow we saved her. click for a larger versionBut by the third day she could hold her head up. Around-the-clock care has something to be said for it. Too bad most people in America can’t get this much attention. Anyway, I would put her in the litterbox after she ate, and she would lay her head on the lip while she went.. it was so sad.

She got stronger and stronger. Now, two weeks later, she’s a dynamo. She’s alive! Take that, Vet! Perhaps she has some neurological deficits – it’s hard to tell. But she’s happy and friendly and you’d never know she was a feral kitten.

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Mojo's sister and sole survivor of her litter, Miss Thang. Click for  a BIG versionThis is the half-dead feral kitten now. Playing a’s hard to get a picture of her out and about because she moves so fast. She’s very friendly and box-trained. I just wish I had room for her. Well, in reality, I will have to find a way to take care of her, I suppose, because nobody else will. But as adorable as she is, she isn’t alone.Rescued, Miss Thang! The left-for-dead feral kitten makes a comeback.

In the middle of this ordeal, along came another kitten, abandoned by its mom. I heard this one crying in the field. I found it. Then I tried to ignore it. I kept thinking a mother cat would take care of it eventually. But no, the entire day went by, and into a cold night. The cries got weaker. I had to do something.

Hamster-cat, the abandoned kitten, about 4 weeks old - click for larger image
We called him Hamster because he has a short bobbed tail and when I first brought him home he had short, tab-ears. He’s growing fast. Hasn’t learned to eat solid food yet, but he has learned to use the litterbox.

I just can’t close my eyes to the suffering and leave these guys to die. Obviously, most OTHER people can, though – or there wouldn’t be so much suffering and horror in the world.

This is Hamster-cat. He might be 4 weeks old in this picture so he’s about 5 weeks old now. He was abandoned by his mom. He was a feral cat but has already learned to use the litterbox and he loves people. He’s looking less like a hamster now but we still call him that.

Mojo2 and Hamster-cat, you can see their age size differenceThese things always make me wonder, where is humanity? Where is compassion? But I guess since most people don’t give a crap about their fellow human beings and their suffering, why would they care about innocent kittens?

And there’s more to come… it never ends.

A littler abandoned baby, like a gerbil compared to Hamster.

Another look at the latest abandoned feral kitten.First there was Mojo, who died. Then his sister. The Vet wanted to kill her. I saved her. Then there was Hamster-cat. And just now, another abandoned baby. I can’t turn my back on their suffering.

Where is compassion?

A cat is a work of art – nature’s art. It is a painting made by an invisible hand, a genetic sculpture. And like the very best of human art, it reflects who we are.

Hamster-cat and his new baby sister, also abandoned by its mom

If people had more compassion, or just more people were really as compassionate as they say, this would be a painting of joy and beauty. But because of the hardness of people’s hearts, especially of those who CLAIM to be spiritual, this is a very sad painting indeed.

It makes me cry.

Updated STORY from a previous post: I had originally told you, here, how McFeral Cat had been missing for about two weeks. I feared someone has harmed her. Well, the third week she showed up again when I visited that area. I fed her. However, her kitten is still missing. Again, I suspect human beings.

So perhaps the feral cats are right after all: people cannot be trusted.


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