Rescued Feral Kittens – Then And Now

Lucy, rescued feral kitten - today

Lucy, rescued feral kitten - today

It occurred to me that I might have left some kitten fans hanging, after telling my story of rescued kittens.. so here is the update:


Hamster-cat and his new baby sister, also abandoned by its mom

And Now:
Lucy.. named for being mostly black and white, CLICK for larger version Hamster The Cat, CLICK for larger image

Lucy, the black and white bobtail, is super-smart and curious. She is the one you can count on to figure out stuff that cats shouldn’t really figure out. Hamster, the orange bobtail, is maybe two weeks older than Lucy, but he’s a very laid-back kind of boy. They both love people and have learned to ride in the car. Lucy is especially curious on rides, looking at everything.

The two kitties shown here love each other very much. You wouldn’t know they are two weeks apart from different litters. Hamster loves to bathe his sister Lucy, and they play really well together.

I still hope that at least one of them will find a home of his/her own someday. They deserve it.

NOTE: All my blog postings about cats and kittens (with lots and lots of cute pictures!) at The Feral Cat Rescue Project ..please come see me there. 🙂


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