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I have found some  guidelines  for Twitter that I  really like and have adopted as my own.  They represent my commitment to you! I hope you like them, too…

1) I won’t spam your twitter timeline. Seriously, people who post 30 tweets a day are too desperate for attention in my opinion, unless they happen to be at ground zero for Armageddon and you have real time information to pass on. I won’t do that. Depending on what’s going on, I may only tweet once or twice a day. Sometimes it will be more but nothing spammy.

2) I won’t just advertise my stuff! I’m an artist so I’ll  tweet when I post new things.  That may happen once a day. Sometimes twice. I also tweet new cat pictures – which are part of my art as well as my passion. In addition, I share quotes I find interesting as well as some pithy news items that I think people should read. I’m not “marketing” and I don’t want to be marketed to, either.
I tweet about #cats and #art NEWS, plus I show off some unique photos and art pieces. Sometimes I comment on current events and sometimes I tweet interesting quotations and bits of philosophy.

3) I read @replies and sometimes respond as necessary (although I’m not always quick about this) From time to time I may reply to one of your tweets. Often, these are just idle comments that require no response.  Sometimes I have questions about something you said…

4) I DO read links that look interesting and sometimes even retweet stuff. You know my interests! If a link catches my attention I’ll definitely look. I only try to avoid spammy ad stuff.  As for my own links:  There won’t be  a lot of them. Hopefully you’ll see something that is interesting enough to read …and maybe even retweet! 🙂 Retweets are greatly appreciated and usually publicly thanked via an @Mention ! I’m really good about this.

IF YOU FOLLOW ME: I will check-out your profile. It may not be instantaneous, but I’ll look. If you seem to be talking about a compatible subject (cats, art, philosophy, photography, writing) then I’ll  follow you back! If your timeline looks spammy, I may hold off for a bit. If you appear to only be selling products (mass produced, sales-pitch kind of things) then I probably won’t follow you back. It isn’t personal, I just have more than enough of that sort of thing to deal with as it is. Thank you for visiting my Twitter page.

Places you can find me:

Abstract Art and Outside-The-Box Philosophy:

Street Photography Projects: The Roadside Artist Gallery.

Representational/Landscape Art:,

Cartoons/Retail Art: ToonZ.Me

Posters & Prints: CafePress Store, Posters, Framed Prints

Other stuff: My Feral Cat Rescue Project – Documenting my work with feral cats, a photo documentary blog. This one is very important to me and I hope you will visit there.

I appreciate the fact that you took time to read this… Thank you.

signed, Pagani

REFERENCE: About what to do with Twitter that is NOT from me: Havi’s blog.


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