The Rock

Kiwanda Sunset with Haystack Rock by Pagani photo

Kiwanda Sunset with Haystack Rock by Pagani photo

Mamiya c330, Fuji Pro 400H, F:11 1/250 - by Pagani

I’ve painted many Haystack sunsets and scenes and photographed the rock many times. This photo was taken with my Mamiya C330 camera, an excellent fine art camera. I took this picture a couple of months ago, I guess – we’ve had more clear skies and dry weather than normal for this area so I had to take advantage of it… and the Mamiya needed the exercise.

For photo documentary work, the Canon EOS digitals are my go-to tools, but for fine art nothing beats the Mamiya (and its camera bag companion, the Yashica EM 120).

I thought I should post something since I haven’t had artwork up for a while. I do have paintings in progress and will post them soon, including an interesting abstract. You’ll see….

BTW, there seems to be a rumor afoot that people want to change the name of Haystack Rock to something like Gorilla Head. Dumb. I know there are other ‘Haystack Rocks’ what? This one is the biggest and the best, and “gorilla head” sounds more like a racist slur than a fine monument of nature. Let’s try to reign-in all the greed and avarice that drives this sort of thing, shall we? Just my opinion.


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