We Are Not So Smart

Thinking a philosophical wasteland. Part of the rural street photography project

Thinking a philosophical wasteland. Part of the rural street photography project

I don’t know if it is good or bad but I have a natural insatiable drive to ferret out truth wherever it may be. It’s not easy. Human beings are naturally driven to assign meaning to all things, even ones that are truly meaningless – and this force is what really drives us in general. For me, however, truth has been the overriding drive, which has led to more than a little discomfort and sadness.

Are you really interested in truth or just something that makes you feel good. Well, we know the real answer for most people – but if you want to learn the truth you need to start by finding out why you are so easily fooled into believing what is false.

To that end, we have You are Not So Smart – a collection of some of the most common ways by which we are all fooled into swearing allegiance to lies. This wisdom is the beginning of knowledge. A MUST READ.

I’ve never met a person who claimed allegiance to anything other than truth. I have seldom met a person who would openly admit to only wishing to hear things that confirmed what they already believed. Yet the truth is, the vast majority of people don’t really care about truth at all, they only care about protecting their pet beliefs from uncomfortable questions.

Well, I totally understand that feeling. I want you to know, though, that you are vulnerable if you don’t understand the tricks that cause you to believe things that are false.  And they are tricks! People and corporations are in the business of manipulating you every day. Therefore I would advise you to swallow your pride, pack away your personal comfort, and learn why you get fooled over and over again. Thus the link: You Are Not So Smart.

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