Abstract Black & White Bicycle

bicycle abstract black and white on canvas
bicycle abstract black and white on canvas

Black & White Abstract Bicycle, canvas 30 x 30

Bicycle & Trees in Black & White, a photo-based abstract art piece, 30 x 30 on canvas.

The work begins by finding an interesting arrangement of objects in nature. Here, one must think in terms of masses and lines; to learn to see in a new and different way.

Having selected the right subject matter, we photograph the scene using a Mamiya c330 medium format film camera – my workhorse these days: 135mm lens, Kodak Tmax 100 film, f/8 1/125.

Post development, we scan and then work digitally with curves and histogram, finding just the right abstraction levels, touched up with a digital  brush for transfer to canvas.

It’s all about finding what is interesting within the ordinary, then stripping away the nonessentials until only that which is interesting remains.

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