Baghdad, A Prophecy

And they ask me all the time how I knew – how could this be. In a moment, I will tell you …

Baghdad, A Prophecy - expressionist painting by C. Pagani

Baghdad, A Prophecy
Acrylic on unstretched canvas
16″ x 20″

Before war fever, before 911 … I knew this was coming. If you ask me how I knew, then I’d have to answer it’s complicated.

Call it a feeling enhanced by knowledge. I knew President Bush had appointed people to powerful positions from the Project For A New American Century – a group that had been sitting on invasion plans for years even at that time. I knew they would be looking for any excuse. Then came September 11 and even as one tower still stood I said to those present that this would be the way it would all get done.

It is not my place to act as judge, but history will do that – hopefully history will be written by those who are willing to tell the truth.

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