Meaning and Meaninglessness, Part III

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11/08/2005: The Truth About Death And Dying - The Real Experience
11/07/2005: New Abstract Painting, a Big One Like You Like Them
10/30/2005: The Show, New Art, Reading, Religion, Reason
10/17/2005: I've Had It
09/21/2005: Rescued Feral Kittens, Tamed and Trained For you....
09/12/2005: 'Miracle' Baby Born To Brain-Dead Woman Dies
09/11/2005: Long Time, No See
08/16/2005: Meaning and Meaninglessness, Part III
08/14/2005: Paintings & Life Update
08/08/2005: Summer Fair In Pictures and Words
08/04/2005: Join Me At Tierra Del Mar This Weekend
07/27/2005: New Sunset Painting from Oregon Beaches
07/24/2005: Meaning and Meaninglessness, Part II
07/21/2005: Art, Meaning and Meaninglessness....
07/17/2005: Abstract Expressionist Action Paintings (New)
07/17/2005: The Joys Of Summer - Painting Again
07/14/2005: Another Year Where Hope Fails
07/09/2005: They Wrote A Song About Me! (For Real)
07/05/2005: New Paintings - I told you so
07/02/2005: Finally Started Painting Again
06/29/2005: Finally Some Sun, Still No Art
06/26/2005: Music In My Mailbox! And How Odd Things Happen To Good People
06/25/2005: Okay, Now I'm officially the Crazy Cat Lady
06/20/2005: Prints Of The Day - Oregon (Limited)
06/18/2005: Prints Of The Day
06/15/2005: Print Of The Day
06/14/2005: Latest Prints Available for a Limited Time
06/13/2005: New and Unique Prints Posted For a Limited Time!
06/12/2005: The Prints That Support a REAL Artist
06/11/2005: Transgender Artist II : My Story
06/09/2005: Transgender Artist : Gender Identity Disorder Truth
06/05/2005: The Artist's Promise To Collectors
05/29/2005: Painting : The Reverend Worships ... Expressionist Art
05/26/2005: Religion : Power of Faith, Power of Falsehood
05/25/2005: Late May Projects, More on Stupid TV Weatherpeople
05/24/2005: Art Directions and Seasons
05/21/2005: Art and Spirituality : Faith in Art
05/17/2005: Art : Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Expressionist Painting
05/16/2005: Art Philosophy : The Penalty of Greatness
05/14/2005: Arts : Stupid Weatherman, Botched Suicide - Expressionist Painting
05/11/2005: Religion : Spirituality and Rationality, the Perfect Imperfect
05/07/2005: Art : Expressionist Oil Painting, TV Weatherman And Truth
05/06/2005: Art : Cannon Beach, Oregon - Visionary Oil Painting
05/05/2005: Art : Light In A Dark Forest Acrylic Abstract Painting
05/03/2005: Art: Nestucca 'Bay', River Oil Painting
04/16/2005: John Paul : The Coming Pope
04/12/2005: Spirituality : Pope John Paul II's The Parable Of The Homeless Cat
04/02/2005: Visionary : The Nature of God, The Problem of Evil
02/17/2005: The Artist's Personality Test
02/10/2005: Journal : I'm B-A-A-C-K ! (In Spite of Popular Demand)
01/28/2005: Art Blog : Trips, Travels And Changes
01/21/2005: The Marriage of Religion And Sex in America
01/07/2005: Journal : Web Site Changes, The Artist Changes
01/05/2005: Blog : Resolutions For A New Year and New Times
12/09/2004: Religion : Fundamentalists and Truth : They Don't REALLY Believe It
12/01/2004: Art : Oregon Impressions : From The Sketchbook, 11/1 - 12-1-2004
11/27/2004: Philosophy : An Artist, Thankful for Nothing
11/22/2004: Journal : Windows My Solitaire Timed Game Record,
09/26/2004: Abstract Expressionism, The Movement Goes On!
09/10/2004: God said it...
09/08/2004: Object Oriented Abstract Museum Piece
08/22/2004: Abstract Art In The Movies. Mine, that is...
07/09/2004: Oregon Impressions : My Trip to central Oregon
05/07/2004: Abstract Paintings : The Reality of Abstract Art Philosophy
04/23/2004: Abstract Paintings Series: Ecosystem In Abstract
04/22/2004: The Nature of The Universe, The Source of Awareness
04/18/2004: Philosophy Of Pagani 101: End Times
04/17/2004: Philosophy Of Pagani 101: The Reversal of Logic

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