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Cliff Haight Bay City with 4WD pickup, circa 1976

It feels odd to talk of oneself in the third person - even odder to speak in the past tense! But here we are... The old days are long gone but I miss a few people from the past. Some I have found, some are still missing. Therefore this page exists so they can find ME if they want to. Just don't expect the same old thing...

Born in Portland, Oregon, July 1955, raised mostly in Tillamook County Oregon and surrounding areas, as well as parts of Northern California. Attended schools in Chico and Sacramento, California. In Oregon: Beaver Elementary, East Elementary (Tillamook) Fairview and South Prairie, Tillamook High School, Neah-Kah-Nie High School, Clatsop Community College, Blue Mountain College. Other higher education: Baptist Christian College - United Theological Seminary, a nameless semi truck driving school, New York Institute of Photography, Western Medical College, suma cum laude.

Clifford Haight sr age 30, with Cliff Haight Jr, age 7 abt 1985Other places lived as an adult: Oregon; Bay City, Nehalem, Manzanita, Netarts, Clatskanie, Pendleton, Hermiston, Wheeler, Lincoln City, Oregon City, Sand Lake, Cloverdale. Washington; Longview, Long Beach.

Occupations all over the map: tennis instructor, fishing boat captain, radio DJ, security guard, patrolman, corrections officer, park aide, Crime Prevention Officer, newspaper columnist, office equipment sales, grocery-deli clerk, guitar teacher, minister, long-haul truck driver, sales, real estate appraiser, book editor, book layout and design editor, webmaster, commercial artist.

Relatives/relationships - for genealogy: Elmer Haight (grandfather, deceased), Frederick Louis Gifford (grandfather, deceased) Clifford E. Haight (father,deceased 1964), Lauretta Gifford Haight (mother, deceased, 1994), Diane Ingle (spouse, deceased 1997), Judith Rothschild Black (half sister), Mary-jo Rothschild (half sister, deceased 1987), Clifford Louis Haight (son), Christa Haight (daughter).

Activities: Cliff Haight playing guitar with sister circa 1974Early on, Cliff was very interested in the guitar and bass. Playing in various bands including Blue Mountain College's jazz ensemble, Cliff never quite made it as a musician and has given it up in recent years. Cliff taught guitar at various times, however. Cliff was also an avid self-taught tennis player in the 1970's and 80's and taught tennis.. Sandwiched in between all of this was art; Cliff was a watercolor painter, a cartoonist and portrait sketcher. Other activities; biking, camping, road trips, ham radio (N7UQU-KG4EID/7), electronics, philosophy.

Cliff Haight sr was born in Portland Oregon in 1955, grew up in Oregon and California. In the early years, the Haight family was often homeless but they eventually settled in Tillamook County, Oregon. Cliff attended various Tillamook schools from Beaver to Nehalem.

This post is intended to help people searching for genealogical information, class mates, etc. Although covering a lot of ground a lot of years in a short space, it may not be as informative as one might wish. It is by no means complete. That is why a contact link is provided. ...This page also speaks of a former life. The body may still be here but the name and the former life are gone. How things have changed... will be left to your imagination.

Cliff Haight, around 6th birthday 1961, probably homeless and living in the forests outside of Redding California at the time
Cliff Haight, around 6th birthday 1961, probably homeless and living in the forests outside of Redding California at the time

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