Alternative Treatments For Gender Identity Disorder

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         I feel compelled to point out that I absolutely and unequivocally support the idea that people should be able to live the lives they choose to live, regardless of what OTHERS THINK, as long as they aren't causing harm - including harm to themselves. I also KNOW that for those suffering from Gender Identity Disorder, which is a an organic MEDICAL condition and not a choice, the sex or gender change process may be the only workable option. Just like some people are born blind and some are born with diabetes, some people are born with a brain gender and a body gender that don't match. If you don't like that, you can take it up with God but that's the reality of the situation.

        If you have successfully transitioned to living full-time in your chosen (brain) gender, then the things I'm going to talk about from HERE do not apply to you. The following information is only intended for those who need to explore alternatives to the usual treatment for gender dysphoria. If you are a transsexual or active crossdresser and are perfectly happy with that, then this information does NOT apply to you - stop reading HERE!  

        The information that follows from here is ONLY for those who need to explore treatment alternatives.

        For those who are hostile toward the idea of such information being provided (and there are many) I can only ask: "What do YOU have to offer the person who cannot successfully transition?" If all you have to offer is "transition or suffer," perhaps you might reexamine your compassion and/or your personal reasons for avoiding issues like this.

      Ultimately, only YOU live your life. Everyone you meet will have an opinion about what you should do, and they may even claim Divine Authority for their so-called answers. But they aren't you and they don't live your life. You must make your own decisions.

        Before going on, I must restate that what I am doing here is providing help for people who cannot transition, or for whom transition would prove disastrous. It is not intended to discourage anyone from transitioning or seeking surgery. This comes from many years of personal experience, my own life history, and more -- If you are happy with who you are, there is no need to seek out alternative therapies. If you need help, then read on...





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