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Galleries & Groups

The Survivor Art National Gallery - A collection of very special works of expressionist art. Expressionism from the dark side, abuse survival, post traumatic stress disorder and more. Alas, some Pagani works appear here as well.

The Roadside Artist Oregon Painting and Portrait Gallery - Collection of works from the Roadside artist, a "working-class, no-name artist" also known as The Painter Of Oregon. Includes Caricatures and portraits, too.


Agora Gallery Logo
Agora Gallery
Contemporary fine art gallery with locations in the SoHo and Chelsea art districts of New York City. Art consulting services to private and corporate collectors. Exhibiting painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed medias. Artist portfolios are reviewed. Has been sponsoring the SoHo - Chelsea International Art Competition since 1984. Logo - Wide variety of original fine art for sale. Personalized art consulting services. Mediums include; paintings, sculpture, photography, drawings, mixed media and more. Under the management of Agora Gallery. Established in 1984.

WetCanvas! Art Group - An interesting place for artists. I visit there on occasion.

Tillamook County Arts Network - Even though I travel far and wide, Tillamook County is still my home and they have many fine, underrated artists.

Art Links


Abstract Art | Chris Quinlan Irish abstract Artist | Buy paintings online - Buy Original abstract art painted by Irish Artist Chris Quinlan - Online Art Gallery, Modern art, Contemporary & Self representing original artist, landscape artist, self taught artist, Buy original art online.

Equine Art of Suzana Stojanovic a wonderful artist. Original oil on canvas and pastel paintings. Realism, photorealism, hyperrealism.

Painter Shawn McNulty - abstract and modern art.

Abstract Art: Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch Abstract art gallery of original contemporary paintings by widely exhibited New York artist Lynne Taetzsch, including articles on selecting art for your home and understanding abstract art.

E Art Fair

Metaphysical Paintings by Julio Mateo

Leon Engelen oil paintings Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.

Russian Artist Vasilij Belikov, (1921-1994) - the member of the USSR Union of Artists, participant of many exhibitions.


Prints & Misc.
Canvas Fine Art Prints - choose sizes and museum quality frames. Popular artists and subjects including Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, landscapes, florals, etc. Buy direct and save up to 75% off home decor!

Original abstract art, unique abstract acrylic and oil paintings and fine Greek sculpture by artists Quincy, Leon and Curtis Verdun
Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and Fine Sculpture


Cranky Media Commentary A critical examination of media, publicity stunts, advertising and politics. It's blue-collar commentary with a healthy dose of humor. May be the oldest commentary site on the Internet! ..Plus ideas for making a name for yourself.

Falcon Log Homes Ltd. A reciprocal link for those who love my art: I love log homes, just in principle. I lived in an old non-fancy one for a while as a child.

Is the Bible A Hoax? Convoluted but interesting history of the stories behind The Bible's stories. You can appreciate the legends of the Bible more if you know where they came from.

Is God Real or Illusion? Long point by point analysis of faith and reason - looking at the Bible and Jesus, but covering everything from Islam to Mormonism and showing exactly how they all fit together in a rational way. A full book in web form, this is a lot of reading and can't be done in one sitting. For real inquirers only.