Use the contact form below to ask a question, book an appearance, make a comment etc. I use this comment form for the Feral Cat Rescue Project, too.

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In addition to shows and exhibitions, the artist is also interested in working with businesses and corporate clients interested in establishing a collection. Just send a note and we’ll discuss it!

Looking for a bargain? The main location for Pagani prints, posters and cards is Fine Art America. You can see what is available here. In addition, you can find different assortments of Pagani work at Zazzle and Cafepress. These are very reasonably priced although the nature of these prints means that only representational art is shown. It just isn’t a proper forum for abstract work, but if you are looking for impressionist (especially Oregon art) and expressionist prints: Cafepress or Zazzle store.

Sometimes something may appear on Ebay: Pagani Art at Ebay

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