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Gothic Forest abstract impressionist photography-based art

Gothic Forest

Gothic Forest is a photography-based abstract piece envisioned on 30×30 canvas, from the forests of western Oregon… It took a couple of rolls of film to finally get just the right composition upon which to base this piece: the right balance of light and dark and the right patterns to convey the desired mood.

Lot, a photography based abstract art piece on floating aluminium


Lot is a photography-based abstract art piece envisioned on 36 x 36 floating recycled aluminum sheet. It has an abstract impressionist, cool feel to it.  Probably best for an office setting as it is a bit heavy for casual around the house situations.

Vine Fields black and white photography-based abstract expressionist art piece

Vine Fields Abstract

Vine Fields, a black and white photography-based abstract expressionist art piece, this work has plenty of emotion and depth to it. Envisioned on floating metal, 20×20.

Sunlight, a photography-based abstract expressionist art piece

Sunlight Abstract

Sunlight, a photography-based abstract expressionist art piece. Sunlight through trees is the theme of this photography-based abstract expressionist piece. Going in a new direction, this one is envisioned on floating double-print metal panel for pure awesomeness.

Boat, Bird and Rock, photography-based black and white abstract

Boat, Bird & Rock Black and White Abstract

Envisioned on 24 x 36 canvas, this photography-based abstract piece depicts some backwater life along the Oregon coast. I toyed with more minimalist version, initially going with just the boat, bird and rock; no reflections, no posts, no vignette…. but it just didn’t feel right so this is where I ended up.

Leaves and Pathway B+W abstract expressionist pop art

Leaves And Pathway Abstract

A black and white abstract with a pop art feel, at least to me – yet completely abstract. It’s the shapes and lines that do it.

photography-based abstract black and white, Christa and Dog

Christa & Dog Abstract

Christa & Dog, photography-based black and white abstract with Painter brushwork. Concept piece abstract portrait envisioned on 24 x 24 canvas by Pagani.

Roadside Memorial, a photography-based expressionist abstract 30 x 30 on canvas

A Roadside Memorial

Roadside Memorial, is a photography-based expressionist abstract art piece envisioned on 30 x 30 gallery-wrapped canvas. My selection of color palette came from the original image itself, a roadside memorial to a mother and her children – killed in a head-on crash.

Rock It, Man photography-based abstract art work on canvas

Rock It Abstract

Rock It is an interesting (to me, at least) bit of black and white abstract expressionism inspired during a recent bike ride. This photography-based abstract is too busy to be considered minimalism but you couldn’t have a more minimalistic palette. Envisioned on 24×30 canvas.

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