Abstract Leaves Sun Sky

I just loved this so here it is. Prints are available http://oregonpainter.tv/featured/abstract-leaves-sun-sky-chriss-pagani.html

Quantum Entanglement abstract reality visualization.

Quantum Entanglement Abstract

Quantum entanglement: is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated. This leads to correlations between observable physical properties of the systems. It is one of the roots of quantum consciousness […]

Edgy abstract modern art, Chunky Revisited by Pagani

Abstract Art Chunky, Revisited

A revisit of my previous work, Chunky, an abstract expressionist black and white painting, ink 24×36 on gallery-wrapped canvas. I still feel there is more that can be done with this photography-based abstract¬† theme, which presents concrete shapes in unusual patterns, and I will present some alternative visions over time.

Abstract ink on canvas hyper-modern art piece, Chunky

Abstract – Chunky

I titled this piece chunky for the strong shapes: It as a photo-object based ink on canvas artwork with lots of contrast and multiple layers. This all started with an idea that popped into my head about strong shapes based on pieces of wood in a pile. And you know how I am, once I […]

Abstract Watercolor on paper - 51 by Pagani

Abstract on Paper: 51

Well this was interesting, at least to me: Someone contacted me looking for one of my paintings and it happened to be from a series that I had forgotten! He provided a thumbnail photo,though and I rummaged around and eventually found a print-sized scan of the painting on an old hard drive. This work is […]

gnarled path abstract photography-based art

Gnarly Path

Twisted paths are carved through space in this photography-based abstract piece, envisioned 30×30 on canvas. It’s hard to imagine the forces of nature and the decades of work involved in creating this natural artwork. By comparison, the shot framing and selection was easy – although admittedly there were many possibilities from which to choose. More […]

Gothic Forest abstract impressionist photography-based art

Gothic Forest

Gothic Forest is a photography-based abstract piece envisioned on 30×30 canvas, from the forests of western Oregon… It took a couple of rolls of film to finally get just the right composition upon which to base this piece: the right balance of light and dark and the right patterns to convey the desired mood.

Lot, a photography based abstract art piece on floating aluminium


Lot is a photography-based abstract art piece envisioned on 36 x 36 floating recycled aluminum sheet. It has an abstract impressionist, cool feel to it.  Probably best for an office setting as it is a bit heavy for casual around the house situations.

Vine Fields black and white photography-based abstract expressionist art piece

Vine Fields Abstract

Vine Fields, a black and white photography-based abstract expressionist art piece, this work has plenty of emotion and depth to it. Envisioned on floating metal, 20×20.

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