Self-Caricature Art

A working class artist has to do many things to make a living. If you are only doing one thing, you will have a somewhat better chance of being famous, but it is also much more likely that art will be a hobby, not a living.

Caricature Bobby Jindal

Caricature art of Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana as Snake Oil salesman.

Dick Gautier, a caricature of the artist/actor

Dick Gautier Caricature of The actor-artist

Caricature of Dick Gautier, an actor seen in many tv shows and movies, who also is a fine artist-caricaturist in his own right

Alberto Gonzales Caricature, No hablo inglés

Caricature of Alberto Gonzales as the SMUG attorney general who can’t remember ANYTHING

Graphite sketch

People-Portraits-Drawing, Where My Head Is At

I have given up painting. Well, not exactly. Instead, I’ve spent more time working on portraits and caricature sketches of people. It’s a good party and event skill, but sometimes I lose track of what I’m doing. I don’t want to forget how to do these things.

Cranky Media Guy sketch

Media Guy Graphite Portrait Sketch

Sketching when done right has an interesting way of bringing out a person’s character and emotions. It’s hard to explain but you’ll see it in this sketch.

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