A kitten from the Feral Cat Rescue Project, my photo blog about cat rescue - sized for desktop wallpaper.

Pet Project

A feral kitten, full of fear and hope, finds my camera lens… part of the Feral Cat Rescue Project – my pet project, so to speak. And this is my semi-annual mention of the fact that there is more to life than art…and more to me than these pages. There used to be a saying, […]

Black and white cat photography-based abstract art

B&W Cat in Abstract

A black and white feral cat as a black and white neo-minimalist photography-based abstract art piece. Is it irony or synchronicity? Work in pastels and airbrush from the original photojournalism piece.

Cats, a photography-based abstract art work on canvas

Cats, Abstract Black and White Art Piece

Abstract black and white on canvas – Cats, a photography based abstract art object on canvas by Pagani.

Exhibited photo, The Feral Life - back from the Center for Fine Art Photography

The Feral Life, Back From The Show

The Feral Life arrived via UPS today from its exhibition at the Center For Fine Art Photography. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with my sister being in the hospital and having to take care of the farm while she is gone. I didn’t even notice its arrival.

Tractor Cats - The Feral Life

Tractor Cats

Part of the Feral Life, my documentary series examining real feral cats and their difficult lives. Even from a distance, these young cats are wary. They have never known human companionship.

Cartoon Skeptical Cat

Cartoon of Skeptical Cat. I’ve drawn thousands of cats but Skeptical Cat is the funniest, most anthropomorphic cat I’ve ever drawn. Cat humor cartoon.

Too Big To Fail, cat cartoon by Pagani

Cat Humor Cartoon Too Big To Fail

Cartoon of Widget The cat, a real tabby cat with a happy, friendly personality. In this cartoon, funny Widget is too big to fail. Cat humor.

kitten rescue

Frosty, The Feral Kitten Who Almost Wasn’t Here

Cats are beautiful and sad creatures. Their plight is human caused. Their suffering also increases my animosity toward the human race, part of the perpetrators of cruelty.

Lucy, rescued feral kitten - today

Rescued Feral Kittens – Then And Now

It occurred to me that I might have left some kitten fans hanging, after telling my story of rescued kittens.. so here is the update: Then: And Now: Lucy, the black and white bobtail, is super-smart and curious. She is the one you can count on to figure out stuff that cats shouldn’t really figure […]

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