Abstract Watercolor on paper - 51 by Pagani

Abstract on Paper: 51

Well this was interesting, at least to me: Someone contacted me looking for one of my paintings and it happened to be from a series that I had forgotten! He provided a thumbnail photo,though and I rummaged around and eventually found a print-sized scan of the painting on an old hard drive. This work is […]

Gothic Forest abstract impressionist photography-based art

Gothic Forest

Gothic Forest is a photography-based abstract piece envisioned on 30×30 canvas, from the forests of western Oregon… It took a couple of rolls of film to finally get just the right composition upon which to base this piece: the right balance of light and dark and the right patterns to convey the desired mood.

Roadside Memorial, a photography-based expressionist abstract 30 x 30 on canvas

A Roadside Memorial

Roadside Memorial, is a photography-based expressionist abstract art piece envisioned on 30 x 30 gallery-wrapped canvas. My selection of color palette came from the original image itself, a roadside memorial to a mother and her children – killed in a head-on crash.

Black and white cat photography-based abstract art

B&W Cat in Abstract

A black and white feral cat as a black and white neo-minimalist photography-based abstract art piece. Is it irony or synchronicity? Work in pastels and airbrush from the original photojournalism piece.

Black & White # 7 Abstract Expressionist Painting

Abstract expressionist black and white painting 7, exploring abstract space in black and white. Most of these paintings come to me first in my dreams. After that, I have to allow them to paint themselves.

Painting a DVD Cover

Original Pagani art as the cover of a DVD and the theme of the movie. Columbia University film by Drew Lahat features Pagani art on the cover. Painting, Coffee Cup #2

Hanged Weatherman, acrylic

Hanged Weatherman – Expressionist Painting

Lies, Lies and videotape … a weatherman can no longer live with himself. A story of deception and its penalties. Suicide is the only answer.

Against The Green Wall, Weather Girl Suicide, acrylic

Against The Green Wall (Weather Girl Suicide)

Tired of the lies, the pretending, the deception – a TV weatherperson does the only honorable thing and commits suicide against the green screen…

Requium For Dead Sister

Requiem For A Dead Sister

There are many ugly things in life, and some of the ugliest involve the loss of close family members. I’m not portraying ugliness, however, I’m trying to tell how I feel..

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