Abstract ink on canvas hyper-modern art piece, Chunky

Abstract – Chunky

I titled this piece chunky for the strong shapes: It as a photo-object based ink on canvas artwork with lots of contrast and multiple layers. This all started with an idea that popped into my head about strong shapes based on pieces of wood in a pile. And you know how I am, once I […]

Predictions 2009

You’ve been wondering, how could I possibly miss out on the wonderful opportunity to make my predictions for the coming year, 2009? Maybe it is better if you don’t know…

Predictions 2008

More natural disasters will cause the usual band of shameless manipulators to claim that it is the end of the world and “God’s Judgment.” As in the past, they will continue to be wrong.

Predictions 2007

Futurist artist Chriss Pagani gives the outlook for the coming year.

Netarts breakwater at sunset - iPhone

What Is

Wisdom of the Ages, reinterpreted by The Artist Pagani. It is the difference between what can be said, and what is.

The Future for 2006

Futurist artist and author Chriss Pagani gives the straight dope on what you can expect now and in the future.

The Killers, watercolor

The Coming Human Sacrifice Cult

The Pat Robertson-John Hagee-Jerry-Fallwell-James Dobson cabal preach and believe in human sacrifice. Their religion uses Christian words to lure-in the gullible, but they preach human sacrifice: There are homosexuals in the world and because we haven’t risen up collectively to slay them, God will kill 250,000 innocent people in Indonesia.

Pagani Outlook for 2005

Usually for private consumption only, Pagani gives some heads-up predictions for 2005. Expect the unexpected.

Baghdad, A Prophecy

An expressionist and abstract painting depicting the future of Baghdad, Iraq. It is art, and it is a prophecy.

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