A kitten from the Feral Cat Rescue Project, my photo blog about cat rescue - sized for desktop wallpaper.

Pet Project

A feral kitten, full of fear and hope, finds my camera lens… part of the Feral Cat Rescue Project – my pet project, so to speak. And this is my semi-annual mention of the fact that there is more to life than art…and more to me than these pages. There used to be a saying, […]

Thinking a philosophical wasteland. Part of the rural street photography project

We Are Not So Smart

We are easily fooled by common mental errors including errors in attributions and assumptions about justice. If you care about truth, then you need to learn how to avoid getting fooled yet again!

My Home Growing Up in Bel Air

Try to imagine living in a car like this with your alcoholic gun-slinging dad and chain-smoking mom. We mostly slept in national parks and other forests. Good times.

Confessions of A Hyperactive Mind

Since my fourth birthday, when I found myself sitting on a curb contemplating the nature of time, I’ve realized that my brain is wired a little differently than the rest of the world. Some would just conclude that I must be crazy

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