harbor mood photo

Harbor Mood

Warm yet cold skies, reflective waters, a pensive harbor scene. The empty slips call to their mates, the wind is silent. There is another call without an answer. There is no one here. Prints available:

Flooding of Trask River, surreal infrared

Trask River Post Storm

View from the lower Trask River after the storm, with some flooding, illustrated through the medium of deep infrared. And there is some manipulation going on, too. All this works together for a surreal scene. Almost another planet. I will be making some prints available, eventually. Check back later at my Artistwebsites Invisible Realms collection.

Honey Bee Macro photo

Honey Bee

A honey bee feeds on sweet nectar from a pretty yellow flower. This is the kind of photography I do for personal entertainment. Frankly, I am over-tired from taking art and photography seriously. If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing. Well, that’s how I feel about it for now. The full size version of […]

A kitten from the Feral Cat Rescue Project, my photo blog about cat rescue - sized for desktop wallpaper.

Pet Project

A feral kitten, full of fear and hope, finds my camera lens… part of the Feral Cat Rescue Project – my pet project, so to speak. And this is my semi-annual mention of the fact that there is more to life than art…and more to me than these pages. There used to be a saying, […]

Driftwood and rocks, Cape Meares, Oregon iphone photo black and white


Happenstance put together this interesting photo: There was something about the natural arrangement of this driftwood at Cape Meares, Oregon that caught my eye. What I had with me was my iPhone equipped with my favorite app; 645 Pro. It’s hard to see the screen in sunlight but I framed it up with the most […]

gnarled path abstract photography-based art

Gnarly Path

Twisted paths are carved through space in this photography-based abstract piece, envisioned 30×30 on canvas. It’s hard to imagine the forces of nature and the decades of work involved in creating this natural artwork. By comparison, the shot framing and selection was easy – although admittedly there were many possibilities from which to choose. More […]

Gothic Forest abstract impressionist photography-based art

Gothic Forest

Gothic Forest is a photography-based abstract piece envisioned on 30×30 canvas, from the forests of western Oregon… It took a couple of rolls of film to finally get just the right composition upon which to base this piece: the right balance of light and dark and the right patterns to convey the desired mood.

Lot, a photography based abstract art piece on floating aluminium


Lot is a photography-based abstract art piece envisioned on 36 x 36 floating recycled aluminum sheet. It has an abstract impressionist, cool feel to it.  Probably best for an office setting as it is a bit heavy for casual around the house situations.

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