Leaves and Pathway B+W abstract expressionist pop art

Leaves And Pathway Abstract

A black and white abstract with a pop art feel, at least to me – yet completely abstract. It’s the shapes and lines that do it.

photography-based abstract black and white, Christa and Dog

Christa & Dog Abstract

Christa & Dog, photography-based black and white abstract with Painter brushwork. Concept piece abstract portrait envisioned on 24 x 24 canvas by Pagani.

Rock It, Man photography-based abstract art work on canvas

Rock It Abstract

Rock It is an interesting (to me, at least) bit of black and white abstract expressionism inspired during a recent bike ride. This photography-based abstract is too busy to be considered minimalism but you couldn’t have a more minimalistic palette. Envisioned on 24×30 canvas.

Sun and Beach photography-based abstract art piece

Sun and Beach Abstract

Sun and Beach photography-based abstract art piece, mostly black and white plus an almost undetectable splash of color. The photo upon which this artwork was based was shot with Fujifilm 160 rather than my usual Tmax 100. Of course, with my neo-minimalist Painter work it could have just as easily been entirely in black and white at this point – I just decided to have a hint of color for my own personal entertainment.

American Dream an abstract impressionist pop art photography piece

American Dream

American Dream an abstract impressionist pop art photography piece, primarily for my own enjoyment. A real life couple living something that might not be a dream, but is closer to American reality for many.

Fog And Sunset, a photography-based mostly black and white square abstract art piece on canvas

Fog And Sunset Abstract

Fog and Sunset at the Beach, a mostly black and white photography based abstract art piece envisioned on 30 x 30 gallery-wrapped canvas. I wanted to work a tiny splash of color into my minimalist palette for this particular work. The color represents the lens flare

Abstract Tidepool with Driftwood, black and white photo-based abstract art on canvas

Tidepool Black and White Abstract

Tidepool and driftwood abstract art on canvas, a photography-based abstract expressionist black and white artwork envisioned 24×24 gallery-wrapped canvas.

Sunlit, a black and white abstract art piece on canvas

Sunlit, a Black and White Abstract Art Piece

Photo-based abstract hypermodern art, this is Sunlit, envisioned 30×30 canvas wall piece. Black and white abstract art.

The River in Abstract

Hope & Truth

The war of hope and truth in the philosophy of living, the philosophy of the preeminence of truth and its constant war with the fiction of hope. The Pagani philosophy as applied to the problem of truth.

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