Art Commentary

The Needles, Oregon pastel painting

Oregon Originals

Most impressionist Oregon paintings have now been moved to

Thinking different

Artists See Things Differently, Study Shows

Eye scans show that artists tend to look at broader elements of a scene, with less concentration on the center items than ‘regular’ people. I’ve had this argument about how and what artists see as opposed to non-artists. It doesn’t meant that artists are better, just different. Cognitive Daily: Artists look different The fact is, […]

Art Sucks, It Really Does

It may seem strange to read that an artist thinks art sucks, but there you are. It isn’t because there isn’t anything interesting to be done in art, it’s just that nobody cares if it is interesting. Instead of interesting, it seems that people want something a bit more pedestrian, and ThAT will be declared by the art gods to be the work of genius..

Art Definitions

An explanation of common art terms in practical, non-academic language

Art Philosophy : The Penalty of Greatness

Every human endeavor has its aficionados, and its purists. It has its own Taliban, too, who will punish you if you fail to follow in the line of orthodoxy. In painting, one orthodox view is that you must do ONE thing and one thing only, and to do otherwise will incur penalties. This is one […]

Abstract Art Explained

Abstract Art Art in which objects, people, and/or places are depicted in simplified arrangements of shapes, lines, textures, and/or colors. Abstract art may or may not bear a resemblance to its subject. "Paint is paint and canvas is canvas, they should not pretend to be otherwise." The cleverness in abstraction lies in the fact that […]

Abstract Paintings : The Reality of Abstract Art Philosophy

They say people paint abstracts because they can’t draw, or my kid could do that. Here is the truth

Art Review

Paintings from the edge: The latest selection of abstract paintings in the new “object-oriented” abstract expressionist style developed by the artist, as well as abstract impressionism, classical impressionism, expressionist and neoexpressionist works. This site also contains an extensive collection of watercolor sketches of Oregon scenery by artist Chriss Pagani. But there is more here than […]

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