photography-based abstract black and white, Christa and Dog

Christa & Dog Abstract

Christa & Dog, photography-based black and white abstract with Painter brushwork. Concept piece abstract portrait envisioned on 24 x 24 canvas by Pagani.

Weird Creepy Abstract

I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I thought that turning off my critical, pre-planning nature and letting my subconscious express itself would be fun.

Self-Caricature Art

A working class artist has to do many things to make a living. If you are only doing one thing, you will have a somewhat better chance of being famous, but it is also much more likely that art will be a hobby, not a living.

Caricature Bobby Jindal

Caricature art of Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana as Snake Oil salesman.

Too Big To Fail, cat cartoon by Pagani

Cat Humor Cartoon Too Big To Fail

Cartoon of Widget The cat, a real tabby cat with a happy, friendly personality. In this cartoon, funny Widget is too big to fail. Cat humor.

Dick Gautier, a caricature of the artist/actor

Dick Gautier Caricature of The actor-artist

Caricature of Dick Gautier, an actor seen in many tv shows and movies, who also is a fine artist-caricaturist in his own right

Cranky Media Guy sketch

Media Guy Graphite Portrait Sketch

Sketching when done right has an interesting way of bringing out a person’s character and emotions. It’s hard to explain but you’ll see it in this sketch.

The Killers, watercolor

The Killers – No, Not The Band

Abstract Impressionist painting, art about America’s human sacrifice cult, it’s still in the shadows but it is working on taking over American fundamentalist Christianity.

Breast of Bible, artist gouache

Religion, The Fundamentalists Don’t really Believe

I used to be very religious; I got a Bible education and even became a minister. I have even taught college-level theology classes. But there were a couple of things that always troubled me in the back of my mind, such as the fact that so many ‘believers’ want to sit in judgment of others in contradiction to the scripture, and even violently attack those who do not believe exactly the same things they do. And then there’s the related fact that those who claim to believe the Bible, don’t.

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