Boat, Bird and Rock, photography-based black and white abstract

Boat, Bird & Rock Black and White Abstract

Envisioned on 24 x 36 canvas, this photography-based abstract piece depicts some backwater life along the Oregon coast. I toyed with more minimalist version, initially going with just the boat, bird and rock; no reflections, no posts, no vignette…. but it just didn’t feel right so this is where I ended up.

photography-based abstract black and white, Christa and Dog

Christa & Dog Abstract

Christa & Dog, photography-based black and white abstract with Painter brushwork. Concept piece abstract portrait envisioned on 24 x 24 canvas by Pagani.

Sun and Beach photography-based abstract art piece

Sun and Beach Abstract

Sun and Beach photography-based abstract art piece, mostly black and white plus an almost undetectable splash of color. The photo upon which this artwork was based was shot with Fujifilm 160 rather than my usual Tmax 100. Of course, with my neo-minimalist Painter work it could have just as easily been entirely in black and white at this point – I just decided to have a hint of color for my own personal entertainment.

American Dream an abstract impressionist pop art photography piece

American Dream

American Dream an abstract impressionist pop art photography piece, primarily for my own enjoyment. A real life couple living something that might not be a dream, but is closer to American reality for many.

Thinking a philosophical wasteland. Part of the rural street photography project

We Are Not So Smart

We are easily fooled by common mental errors including errors in attributions and assumptions about justice. If you care about truth, then you need to learn how to avoid getting fooled yet again!

rural woman with dog

Rural Street Photography Project

Part of my rural street photography project. I did it right, so she didn’t know I took her picture. This keeps the look natural and spontaneous.

Pelican Pub Foyer

Waiting for a table, with conversation, at The Pelican Pub, Pacific City Oregon – part of the Rural Street Photography project by Pagani.

Tractor Cats - The Feral Life

Tractor Cats

Part of the Feral Life, my documentary series examining real feral cats and their difficult lives. Even from a distance, these young cats are wary. They have never known human companionship.

Kiwanda Sunset with Haystack Rock by Pagani photo

The Rock

I’ve painted many Haystack sunsets and scenes and photographed the rock many times. This photo was taken with my Mamiya C330 camera, an excellent fine art camera.

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