Yaquina Bay watercolor

Yaquina Bay And Bridge Oregon Watercolor

A watercolor sketch of the marina at Newport with the big Newport Yaquina Bay bridge in the background… Yaquina Bay & Bridge At Newport (original watercolor) 9″ x 12″

Canon Beach Rocks, watercolor

Cannon Beach Rocks Sunset Watercolor Painting

Cannon Beach Rocks original Oregon watercolor 9″ x 12″ I love the way the fading light of sunset plays with the reflections in the wet sand as it peaks between the rocks. The clouds, too, show the fading of the day yet hold the promise of tomorrow. The print should be collectible. One of Oregon’s […]

Kiwanda Dory in Surf, watercolor

Watercolor Painting Cape Kiwanda Dory Running The Surf

Headed through the surf, one of the last of a once-great fleet heads out toward haystack rock after launching from the beach at Cape Kiwanda. Dory In Surf At Cape Kiwanda Original Watercolor 9″ x 12″ You used to see a lot more of these when I was a kid… now, not so many. That’s […]

Dory on Beach, Cape Kiwanda, watercolor

Painting of Oregon Dory Landed At Cape Kiwanda

It’s the last place that commercial dory fishing is carried on in the traditional way: Launching boats from the beach, through the surf, and landing there again at the end of the day. This way of life is disappearing… Cape Kiwanda Oregon Dory (original watercolor painting) 9″ x 12″

Umqua Lighthouse, watercolor

Watercolor Sketch Umqua Lighthouse Oregon Painting

It has its own place in history. Although lighthouses are considered old-fashioned and outmoded by todays uber technology, it only takes one good sunspot storm to make them needed again… Umqua Lighthouse (original Oregon watercolor painting) 9″ x 12″

Three Graces, Tillamook Bay, watercolor

Painting of The Three Graces Garibaldi Tillamook Bay

There are more than three rocks but the biggest and closest to shore are known as the three graces. These sentinels have stood guard at the mouth of the bay for thousands of years. The Three Graces (Tillamook Bay, Tillamook County, Oregon) Original Watercolor, 9″ x 12″ The nearby port of Garibaldi still has fishing […]

Red Kiwanda, oil pastels

Oil Pastel Painting Red Kiwanda Oregon Sunset

It was a summer night, with the sun going down the colors were amazing. They were even more amazing when I got done painting them… Red Kiwanda & Haystack Rock oil pastels on bristol vellum 11″ x 15″ It is not completely surreal. Calling this an expressionist painting would be a fair statement, but it […]

Dog Running on Beach, Manzanita, watercolor

Painting of Dog On The Beach At Oceanside Oregon

Running and playing on the rocky-sandy beach of Oceanside, this young dog is full of joy and energy. The wet sand captures the reflection of the sky and water. Dog On The Beach At Oceanside original watercolor 9″ x 12″ Oceanside, Oregon has a rocky beach where you can find lots of agates. Like other […]

Oceanside Couple, watercolor

Sketch of Couple Sitting at Oceanside beach

Sitting and watching the surf at Oceanside, Oregon, the light plays with her hair as water plays with the the sand… Couple At Oceanside original watercolor on paper 9″ x 12″ There’s something magic about the ocean. It is even more magical in out of the way places like this… when you can have a […]

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