Predictions 2008

More natural disasters will cause the usual band of shameless manipulators to claim that it is the end of the world and “God’s Judgment.” As in the past, they will continue to be wrong.

Personality Type

Depending on what day of the week it is, I hit one or the other – but it’s a close call.

The Needles, Oregon pastel painting

Oregon Originals

Most impressionist Oregon paintings have now been moved to

kitten rescue

Frosty, The Feral Kitten Who Almost Wasn’t Here

Cats are beautiful and sad creatures. Their plight is human caused. Their suffering also increases my animosity toward the human race, part of the perpetrators of cruelty.

Thinking different

Artists See Things Differently, Study Shows

Eye scans show that artists tend to look at broader elements of a scene, with less concentration on the center items than ‘regular’ people. I’ve had this argument about how and what artists see as opposed to non-artists. It doesn’t meant that artists are better, just different. Cognitive Daily: Artists look different The fact is, […]

An open BIble, Christians don't actually read it, though

The Ten Commandments – TRUTH

Yes, I am a theologian and a Bible scholar, but I don’t want to spend this blog explaining the arguments on both sides, I’m just pointing out that millions of Christians would consider someone telling you that you must obey the Ten Commandments to be un-Christian.

I am somewhere

War and Peace Mp3 Original Music Mix

Original Mp3 music podcast, an ersatz phone between President George W. Bush and the artist Pagani inspires this hard-driving musical musing on the reality of war and peace in our time. Mp3 stereo 128/kbps – runs about 2:20.

Painting a DVD Cover

Original Pagani art as the cover of a DVD and the theme of the movie. Columbia University film by Drew Lahat features Pagani art on the cover. Painting, Coffee Cup #2

Lucy, rescued feral kitten - today

Rescued Feral Kittens – Then And Now

It occurred to me that I might have left some kitten fans hanging, after telling my story of rescued kittens.. so here is the update: Then: And Now: Lucy, the black and white bobtail, is super-smart and curious. She is the one you can count on to figure out stuff that cats shouldn’t really figure […]

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