Pop art

Michael Jackson Heaven

Pagani’s pop art Michael Jackson tribute – painting of Michael Jackson’s message from Heaven. Original art design and tribute to the King of Pop.

Self-Caricature Art

A working class artist has to do many things to make a living. If you are only doing one thing, you will have a somewhat better chance of being famous, but it is also much more likely that art will be a hobby, not a living.

Caricature Bobby Jindal

Caricature art of Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana as Snake Oil salesman.

Cartoon Skeptical Cat

Cartoon of Skeptical Cat. I’ve drawn thousands of cats but Skeptical Cat is the funniest, most anthropomorphic cat I’ve ever drawn. Cat humor cartoon.

Too Big To Fail, cat cartoon by Pagani

Cat Humor Cartoon Too Big To Fail

Cartoon of Widget The cat, a real tabby cat with a happy, friendly personality. In this cartoon, funny Widget is too big to fail. Cat humor.

Cartoon Johnny Jihad

Cartoon of Johnny Jihad as Terrorist Trainee, attending terrorist training camp. Unfortunately, Johnny is an idiot.

Cartoon Johnny Jihad Suicide Gun Man

Cartoon depicting stupid Johnny Jihad trying to be a suicide gunman. Sure, he’s going to shoot himself but he’s going to shoot YOU next.

Dick Gautier, a caricature of the artist/actor

Dick Gautier Caricature of The actor-artist

Caricature of Dick Gautier, an actor seen in many tv shows and movies, who also is a fine artist-caricaturist in his own right

Alberto Gonzales Caricature, No hablo inglés

Caricature of Alberto Gonzales as the SMUG attorney general who can’t remember ANYTHING

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